Reflection on PhotoSafari

My PhotoSafari was shot in my room as well as in my driveway. To be honest, I chose this location since it seemed to have a variety of things I could focus on. In my space, I have a variety of colors, forms, and materials with which to work. When I was taking images the day before, I was unsure of where I should take them and how they would turn out. I sat down at my table to review the assignment requirements and realized how much I have in my room that I could use. So I began to consider how I could justify the photographs by providing adequate descriptions. I began to simplify things and tried to keep it as simple as possible. I wanted to focus on my regular life and how it has some distinct aspects that I hadn’t noticed before. I was concerned about starting the task and worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete it in time, but I soon learned that quality is more important than quantity. Out of everything I photographed, I think the photo with the headphones and Breaking Bad in the background was the most innovative. I figured I could use my phone stand to capture an image of Breaking Bad on my television. Later, I noticed my headphones on the table and realized I could use those as well. The photograph with my book and pen on my Chromebook was the one that worked best for me. I believe I showcased different colors, patterns, perspectives, and products to the best of my ability using everything around me.