Favorite Photo

My favorite photo that I took this week was during my PhotoSafari assignment.


This is my favorite photo because I was trying to be different and innovative. I’ve tried all sorts of shapes, angles, and patters before this image. But when I was doing the assignment, I decided to do something innovative and got the idea of showcasing different things in one image. In this image, I used only 3 props; the tv, my headphones, and my phone stand. I wanted to capture the show breaking bad playin in my in a different angle and decided to use my phone stand to bring some shape in it. While taking the photo, my headphones were lying on the table, and I thought of using them to capture sound in the image. You can’t really hear what’s going on in the show, but with the help of headphones, I thought maybe I could make the viewer feel that there’s sound in the image. I used the suggestion of creating depth to my photograph.