Summary Week 5

This week has been so great!! I feel I was working with my full potential and towards my goal. I used all of my sources to the fullest support and worked with DKC when I needed help. The assignments weren’t that hard, and I was trying to be creative through most of my assignments. I’d rate myself a solid 9.5/10 for this week.

Overall, this class has been so helpful for me as a person. I was curious to work on different platforms and with different technologies. The first week was the most stressful considering that I haven’t had any websites or blogs before. I started from scratch and I think that was really helpful, since I got to know many new things. I gave my best for all the assignments, and I think I got better as we progressed. If I took this class all over again, I’d start working on my assignments from day 1, rather than keeping them till the end of the week. I’ve had some situations where I wasn’t home, and didn’t have time to work over the weekend, and was really stressed. I’d make sure that those wouldn’t happen again. I would even give myself time to work on GIF’s since I didn’t work on them that much. The video and designing parts of the projects worked out really well for me. I think I was creative doing those assignments. To conclude, I really enjoyed this class, and it was really helpful for me.

Assignments for This Week:

Final Project

Visual Assignment Tutorial

Design Assignment Tutorial

Audio Assignment Tutorial

Video Assignment Tutorial