Where Do I Want To Go?

Where Do You Want To Go? – 4 Stars

Traveling is love. I love traveling and as soon as I saw this assignment, I was sure that I was gonna do it.


I was thinking about what assignments I should take and what would be most interesting to me. I was searching for something lighthearted and relatable. I was torn between a number of assignments because they all appeared to be so enjoyable and entertaining. However, they appeared to be quite lengthy and time-consuming, so I cut down the number of assignments to 3-4. I was going through each one when I came across this assignment and realized that it was the one that I could relate to the best. I enjoy traveling and enjoy being among mountains and beaches. Every time I open Instagram and scroll through some reels, all I see are pictures of different places people have visited and breathtaking landscapes they’ve seen. I’d be jealous of them and disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to go outside of the United States and India. I have a bucket list with dozens of sites I want to see, but I’ve narrowed it down to three of my favorites. Kerala, Italy, and France are the three destinations I’d like to visit.

Kerala, India, is the first destination I’d like to visit. Kerala is an Indian state known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, and lakes. Despite the fact that I am an Indian who lives in a neighboring state, I have never had the opportunity to visit Kerala. I’ve always admired the culture and people of that region. The scenery and food are two of the key reasons I want to go there. I’m a foodie who enjoys eating while looking out the window. There is no better spot to enjoy some delectable food than this.

Italy is the second destination I’d like to go. I’m sure we’d all like to go to Italy at least once in our lives. Italy is well-known for its artistic presence, cuisine, and scenery. As I previously stated, I am a foodie, and the three locations I will be visiting have some of the best food in the world. In Italy, every street you walk down and every restaurant you dine in has artistic merit. They have some fantastic museums as well as some fantastic architecture. When I go to Italy, I plan to visit three cities: Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Finally, there’s France, the land of love. The Eiffel Tower is the most famous landmark in France, but there are many other sights to see. My first visit would, of course, be to the Eiffel Tower, but one of the reasons I opted to visit France is because of the various cities and places I might visit. My first stop would be in Paris. The other two would be Niece and Marseille. The beaches are lovely, and the parties are entertaining. I’m not sure whether there’s a better mix than that.

These are the reasons on why I chose these 3 places to visit and why this assignment is relatable to be.

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