Growing Up With The Web

How is growing up with the internet different today than it was for kids and teens in the 2000’s? 

All of us have different experiences on how we grew up with internet. I started using internet when I was in middle school. Being a 2000’s kid, I didn’t have the need to use the internet as much as kids today are using. I’m pretty sure that internet wasn’t even a thing when my parents were growing up. So does this mean that kids in this generation are having an advantage or disadvantage? Well that’s what we’re going to be talking about in this post.

When I was growing up I used internet to browse wallpapers for my desktop, play GTA online, download songs, and some other things. Now these all don’t seem to be huge reasons to use internet, but it really was a big deal to spend time on my computer and do these things. The reason being, we didn’t have a lot of time to go on internet and do these things. I was so much involved in playing games outside and hanging out with my friends, than playing games online. Any new thing that launched, like the Apple iPhones or anything else, were a big deal and were in the news for a very long time. These things which seem very little now, were very big back then.

For kids who are growing up in this generation, they have everything they need and probably more than that. Kids nowadays don’t understand the importance of little things since they aren’t thought about things hard way. They have access to internet, phones, xbox, and many other things that I wasn’t provided during my childhood. Now these things have their own benefits and negatives, but there are a lot of negatives compared to the benefits. One thing that they don’t get is how socially active they should be. Watching youtube on your iPad is all fun until you have to go to a soccer game with your friends and talk about something not related to games. They don’t have the communications skills that we had when we were kids. But also, they have a lot of positives. They can find any news or videos quicker than what we did. They can learn a lot of new things without paying for classes, because they have everything on YouTube.

So, I’d like to conclude by saying that I got to experience the rise of internet, whereas kids nowadays are living in that internet.