Different Sides


This morning, I was texting my best friend and wanted to add an emoji at the end of my message when I discovered that these three emojis are the ones I use the most while texting her. My best friend and I have a lot of fights, and I’m typically the one who ends them. We make a lot of jokes, gossip a lot, and so on, but most of us utilize the laughing emoji in those situations. I wanted to use these three photographs to depict our relationship in a new light.

I’m attempting to trick or tease her in the first photograph. I enjoy mocking my best friend, and she is frequently enraged as a result. Friendships are supposed to be amusing and reliable. I attempt to explain all of my thoughts, feelings, and suggestions in a lighthearted manner so that we can lessen our stress levels and converse more easily. The first emoji assists me in making her giggle as well as irritated.

When she offers me shocking news, she uses the second emoji. I’m an introvert, and my best buddy is an extrovert. She is quite talkative and has a lot to say to me. She comes up with at least one issue per day that surprises me. We text all day, and she keeps telling me about something intriguing that happened in her class, something she and her boyfriend spoke about, and so on. Most of the time, I’ll be shocked, mostly because of the manner she says things. It’s not always what she says, but how she says it.

. This is an applicable emoji for me to utilize when messaging since I get weary of people talking about things that aren’t fascinating or significant. It’s usually with my best pals, since we text till 2 or 3 a.m., and I’m exhausted. This is what I say when I want to show that I’m tired.

Original Assignment


  • Choose 3 emojis that you want to recreate.
  • Take the pictures of yourself/anyone else in the expressions that those emojis show.
  • Grid them in any app that you’d want. (Ex. Inshot, Picsart, Photogrid)