Week 1 Final

Week one of Digital Storytelling has left me with mixed feelings. I thought I was doing okay until about halfway through. I completed all of my midweek assignments on schedule and was only taking a day off before returning to my other responsibilities. Later, I grasped the significance of that single day. I immediately regretted missing one day of work. The assignments were quite enjoyable, and I thoroughly enjoyed my work. But I was also stressed. I enjoy photography, so it was easy for me to complete the assignments, but they took longer than I anticipated. I think being in my comfort zone made things worse. I procrastinated my work by a day because I was in my comfort zone, and I understood that I should never do that for this class.

Instant regret srsly - Microwave b | Meme Generator

I enjoyed taking photographs. I was attempting to create depth in my photographs by looking for different angles. I believe I completed the homework well. The major reason I took this class was to learn things about narrative that I didn’t know in new ways, and it is providing just that. The Visual Assignment bank gave me some difficulties. I wasn’t sure what topic I should choose, but in the end, I’m glad I went with the ones with which I have a personal connection. The rest of the week was rather simple and enjoyable. I enjoyed photographing for my PhotoSafari. I discovered several new strategies that I can put to use in the next weeks. I began to focus more on the angles and frames. I couldn’t determine which photo was my favorite for the week, but I decided that anything innovative is always worth praising.

There are a few things I can continue to improve on. First and foremost, I’d like to devote more time to exploring new locations and having more working space. Second, I need to get my website organized. I’ve had some difficulty finding out how to add different categories to a single topic, and so on.

The everyday creates encouraged me to be more imaginative. The PhotoSafari taught me how to search for objects in the area where I reside. Reading and learning about how to capture better images helped me focus on the details I was overlooking. Not to mention, the visual bank demonstrated how several apps may assist you in bringing out different aspects of photographs. To summarize, I’d say it was a fantastic week, albeit a little stressful, but well worth it.

The Following are the assignments I made for this week:

Favorite Picture



Reflection on my PhotoSafari

Visual Assignments:

Draw It!

Backyard Photo Safari

Unlikely Intersections

Color Changer


Daily Creates:

Is Your Smartphone Listening?

Remixing A Visual Framework

I Would Do Anything For Love