Summary Week 4

This week, I believe, was the best I’ve ever had. I was confident in my work and had enough of time to complete each project. I’ve been traveling and going out on weekends for the past few weeks, which has been hectic. So, this week, I set a goal of finishing all of my projects by Friday, and I’m on track. I completed all of my assignments on time and to the best of my ability. For me, everything worked out very well. Having previously worked as a meme creator aided me in editing videos and adding texts. I’m confident that everything I’ve done thus far has been the best I’ve done. Editing and music selection should yet be improved. I searched dozens of music websites for copyright-free music that would be appropriate for my videos, but I couldn’t find any. At the end, I had to pick some from the free sound library. My professor commented last week that my assignments were lacking, so this week I resolved to devote more effort and provide clearer explanations for how I completed the assignments. Last week, I was unaware that I needed to do daily creates and comment on other people’s blogs, but now I know where I went wrong and how to fix it. Finally, I’ll state that I’m pleased with my efforts so far and expect to improve as time goes on.

Assignments of The Week:

Reading A Movie

Look, Listen, Analyze

Video Assignment Bank –

Daily Creates –

Comments on my peers blogs: