I decided to extend the use of ChatGPT for my final project. There has been a lot of discussion about how AI will replace occupations and make work easier for everyone ever since ChatGPT was published. I decided to delve deeper and explore what Chat GPT has to offer as well as ChatGPT’s advantages and disadvantages.

First, let’s discuss the positive effects. I found that ChatGPT offers a lot of appealing features. I made the decision to ask ChatGPT what kind of diet and exercise routine it would suggest for a novice. The question I asked ChatGPT was as follows:

Create a workout for someone who just started working out and give me a schedule on which days they should work on each part of the body. Specifically, tell me how many sets they should do and how often they should do it. Also, create a diet that goes well with the workout.

Here’s what ChatGPT had to say:

You can see from these answers how ChatGPT provided a thorough response to the prompt I provided, and they were also accurate. This would be really helpful for people who wanted to start out slowly with their exercise and diet. These responses demonstrate how useful AI is in allowing you to ask questions that would require extensive investigation if you were to answer them yourself. AI takes care of the tedious job, keeping things simple for you.

When it comes to preventing privacy, ChatGPT also has a good impact. I contacted ChatGPT to ask for some places where I could view movies and television episodes for free, and the response I received was as follows:

This response makes clear that ChatGPT is not endorsing pirated websites and that it disapproves of them. Additionally, it provides links to websites or apps that offer a selection of free TV shows and movies, thereby promoting free and permissible apps.

Finally, let’s discuss the drawbacks. I shown how it doesn’t support pirate websites in the example above, but now I’ll demonstrate how you can alter it so that it provides the response you require. When I requested ChatGPT to recommend several websites to avoid in order to stop piracy, the bot responded as follows:

In this case, I employed reverse psychology and asked ChatGPT to send me some pirated websites without actually asking for them; instead, I asked for them so that I could avoid them. One of the reasons ChatGPT or AI is bad is that they don’t comprehend people the way other people do. If I asked someone the same question, they would likely respond by refusing to inform me or by telling me not to try reverse psychology. ChatGPT is bad since it is unaware of this.