Rebuilding The Internet

I chose to do a diagram on how the internet is a combination of “small pieces”. We have surrounded all these pieces and our life cycle is similar to photosynthesis. One affects the other, and everything is a process. In the middle is us, the humans, who start using the internet for building connections with our friends, family, professors, and everyone else. We start to use the internet to communicate about our daily life with our beloved ones and later we start to gain knowledge. Knowledge can be gained in multiple ways, but I’m talking about what’s going on in the real world. We don’t have time to read articles in newspapers every day or watch the T.V. So we use the internet to look for memes that simplify news, and also teach us about many new things.

Later, we start to get back to the most important thing, but also the most ignored thing. This is the most beneficial thing about the internet, we could work and study so much, but we choose to ignore this piece most of the time and move on to the next one. Entertainment is the biggest reason to use the internet. Everyone likes to keep themselves engaged in something or the other, and we try to be busy with something that entertains us. In this case, it’s usually Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, YikYak, or any other thing. We want to be entertained in some or the other way. Lastly, it’s games. I consider this to be a big thing for kids, youngsters, and also some adults. This is one form of distraction that some of us choose, and it’s mostly because we want to get a break from our schoolwork, connect with our friends, or just have some fun. Now, all these reasons are fair, until they go beyond a point.

These small pieces are those that we are surrounded by. These small pieces are what completes our life and make us happy. We just need to make sure that all of them receive enough time that they should be received. If either one of those pieces has excess time, then they’re just going to ruin the cycle.