Examining Diversity and Inclusivity in Clash Royale

The game that I chose to analyze is Clash Royale. I’m not much of a video game person, but this is one of the very few games that I play/played and I have some sort of knowledge about how the game works and how to play it. I know all the characters in the game and what each character does and doesn’t do. Clash Royale which was released on March 2, 2016, is a video game that puts players in games featuring two or four players (1v1 or 2v2) in which the objective is to destroy more towers than their opponent(s), with each destroyed tower being represented as a “crown”. I feel this game has multiple factors which prove that they are diverse and inclusive. For example, Characters from several cultures are featured in the game, including bandits, princesses, and samurais. The game also features a variety of arenas with themes inspired by many civilizations, such as the Electro Valley arena with its futuristic Japanese feel.

Clash Royale has been diverse in many different ways. The game has been diverse through its cards, arenas, stories, and emojis. Each card has a different set of skills and traits, giving players new tactics to experiment with. For instance, the Mega Knight card’s release in 2017 introduced a brand-new gameplay element that let players drop a strong knight capable of dealing enormous damage to numerous foes. Similarly, Each Arena has its own distinct theme, soundtrack, and gaming elements, giving gamers a novel experience. Lastly, emotes are brief animations that let users have fun expressing themselves. These emote give the game a new level of personality and come in a number of various formats, such as animated characters and sounds.

A varied range of characters from all sexes, races, and talents may be found in Clash Royale. The designs of the different characters do not exclude or limit any specific sexual orientation, despite the fact that there are no explicit displays of sexual orientation in the game. The Princess character, for instance, is shown in a way that might be taken as either gender, and the game does not assign its characters any gender-specific responsibilities or preconceptions. Clash Royale also includes several accessibility options that the user can use. They have a colorblind mode that adjusts the color scheme to be more accessible to players with color vision deficiencies. It also has a choice of selecting the language that you prefer to read the text and play in. There is also a multiplayer option where users may engage in a 2v2 conflict with another player, their friends, or a random person. How a player approaches the multiplayer mode relies on their own gaming because you can occasionally play against players who are more competent than you and other times against players who are less skilled.

Clash Royale may implement a number of modifications to make it more inclusive and varied. One thing they could do is develop additional characters based on various racial, gender, and color backgrounds. To make the LGBTQ community feel included, they might also make characters that are based on them. In order to avoid discrimination and to demonstrate that this game is intended for a wide range of players, Clash Royale should also think about incorporating many cultures into its gaming settings.

In the end, even though Clash Royale may not have been specifically created to encourage diversity and inclusiveness, it does include a number of elements that make it accessible to players with a variety of requirements and backgrounds. Although the experience of playing in multiplayer mode may differ based on one’s identification and the actions of other players, the game’s varied cast of characters aids in the promotion of representation and inclusion.