Analog Tech/Morality

Is there an example in your life where you prefer the analogue approach instead of a digital solution?

There are multiple examples where I prefer the analogue approach instead of a digital solution. One of them is the way I’d like to prepare myself for a class. Some people use their computers, or phones to take notes during class, but I prefer using my notebook for taking notes because I feel that writing something stays longer in my brain when compared to typing it down. Even though typing is faster and maybe more accessible, I prefer writing because I could edit things accordingly. For example, when taking a math class some prefer to take photos and refer back to them later, but I prefer to write them down so that I can get practice on what’s going on. Another example where I prefer the analogue approach is for keeping track of my tasks. I use my Canvas calendar to keep track of when my assignments are due and what time, but I write what’s important and what’s not on a Post-it and stick it on my table so that I know what I should work on first.

Have you ever given up a technology because of a belief or value you hold?

I’ve given up my phone before. When I was in high school I believed that I didn’t need a phone because we weren’t doing much in school with our phones. For my first couple of years, I used to have a phone and I realized that I was constantly looking at my phone during classes, lunch breaks, and also when hanging out with friends. I asked myself what were some reasons for me to have a phone with myself during high school. And the only answer I got was to stay connected with my friends. So I decided to not bring my phone to school, but rather tell my friends that we were going to meet at some specific places after our classes or during lunch. This way I was more concentrated in my classes, and also felt more productive.