Guess The City

The next assignment I chose to do was a 4 star assignment called Create a Place. This assignment asks us to create a place just by using sound. I was really confused on which place I should mention, because it’s quite hard to create a place using just sounds. So I decided to create a place that everyone is familiar with, based on one of the worst incident in United States. I created the place New York. I wanted to create this place as a tribute to the people who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack. I decided to create this places using very little sounds, but familiar sounds. Listen to the audio and let me know if you can figure out if it’s New York or not.

Step 1: Download the traffic noises

Step 2: Download voices of people talking

Step 3: Download sounds of an airplane and a blast

Step 4: Import all of the audio’s to Audacity

Step 5: Set the order on how each sound should be audible

Step 6: See if all of the sounds are clearly audible

Step 7: Save it as MP3!

Note: All of the sounds that you want to download can be available for free at FreeSound.