Audio Reflection – Doppelgängers

On the Doppelgängers:

There were several extremely intriguing things in this recording that I didn’t know before. To tell you the truth, I had no idea what Doppelgängers were. I was fascinated about Doppelgängers because I had never heard of them before. When I started listening to the audio, I noticed that one of the presenters was Ira Glass, which caught my interest even more. They split the audio into two parts. The first act is based on a physical likeness between food. The second act centers on two persons who have never met but have gone through comparable experiences.

The first act focused on the similarities between two food items. The plot revolves around the similarities between bung and calamari. People aren’t aware that bung and calamari are similar, so they eat calamari thinking it’s just calamari. The reporters visit several locations to determine whether or not this is true. They go around, visiting China and other countries before locating bung and cooking it themselves. After frying the bung, they realize that calamari and bung are the same thing, and that the majority of people are unknowingly consuming bung. They apply multiple sounds, such as music and utensils, while conversing or moving around restaurants to create a restaurant environment. They record phone ringing sounds to make it appear as if they’re phoning someone, and then add suspicious music before revealing anything. They used a variety of audio approaches to create a dynamic mood.

Curtis and Brandon, two separate persons living in two different locales, have met identical outcomes in the second act. Brandon was a Navy corpsman who served in Afghanistan and witnessed the deaths of his coworkers. Curtis, who was 12 years old when his mother was shut down, is the second person. These two individuals experienced something genuinely frightening from which they are unable to recover. The story depicts their experiences and the damaging effect of the catastrophe on their lives.