The Garden


After a long day at work, everyone wants to relax in the backyard and breathe in some fresh air. Backyards bring you the essence of life; they make you feel as if you are living in a brand new universe. Every backyard has a unique story to tell. I’ve written a story about life for my backyard.

We have various plants and flowers in my backyard. We strive to keep plants alive by circulating air throughout our home. Every year in the summer, we plant a few plants. We primarily plant vegetables in our backyard and then freeze them. This task appealed to me mostly because it has a purpose. Our backyard is not like most backyards, where everyone has a deck to lounge on while sipping coffee or a place for the pets to run about. Our backyard is designed to bring life into your home by bringing nature inside.


  • Go out your backyard
  • Try to look around to find something that defines your backyard
  • Take a picture of that