Keep It Going

This is my bike which I had for 3 years. Riding my bike was the time when I wasn’t worrying about This was my bike for the past three years. I didn’t have to worry about anything when I was riding my bike. I’d go outside and listen to music for hours. I wasn’t a very talkative person and kept my feelings to myself until I started college. I’d just have some fun with my bike and ride around for hours in our neighborhood. There was a time when I was out biking for two hours. I gradually became overburdened with high school academics and college applications, and I didn’t have much time to bike. I had some free time between college and decided to go for a ride after finishing all of my work and being accepted into UMW. I went to our garage to get my big, but once I got out on the road, I noticed that my bike had been rusted and wasn’t running properly. I attempted but failed to return it to its previous state. I had no choice but to sacrifice.

I chose my bike for this assignment primarily because I missed the times I spent riding it. I wanted to bring it back in some way, and this assignment provided me the chance to show off my passion for my bike.

Original Assignment:


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  • Choose the artistic option
  • Select the Sketcher 1 option
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