Week 1 Midweek

This is the first class where I had to create a website and use it. I had to start from scratch(which was fun but time consuming). I didn’t have a Twitter, Flicker, Soundcloud, or WordPress accounts before. So the first day was pretty much just looking at the instructions and creating my accounts for the class. I must say that setting up Flicker was pretty weird. I didn’t know how to post until I saw a YouTube video, so that took some time. I was browsing through WordPress to figure out how I do everything and was a bit caught up at times, but eventually figured them out. I had to do some introductions in every website, which wasn’t that hard.

Later, I started using WordPress and it was so fun! I was looking at different themes I wanted to use, and finally chose this one(let me know in the comments how this is, please! :)). I created my website and started updating about myself. I was constantly scared and doubting myself if I was missing something. There was pretty much a lot to do(considering I’m starting from scratch). I was looking at the instructions after updating my website every time, just to make sure I’m not missing anything. I’m still working on my website and how to do things in a better way.