Who is Massimo Vignelli? When I initially started reading about him, this was the first question that came to me. He’s someone I’ve never heard of before. However, as I began to read, I discovered how talented a designer he was. I haven’t used the New York subway or American Airlines before, but I am familiar with their quality. The New York subway system is one of the most complex designs ever created. I was just gazing at the map and marveling at how he managed to create such an intricate design. I was once a memer, and I was seeking for different typefaces to put on my work a few years ago. I was familiar with the website dafont and was looking through the many fonts. Helvetica appealed to me, so I used it in a few of my blogs. I had no idea it was Vignelli who designed it. Vignelli is a fascinating person, and I’m delighted I was able to learn about his impact.