Reflection on Ira Glass’s & Jad Abumrad

Everything was treated differently by Ira Glass. He explained how each phase of the process contributes to the ultimate result. He mentioned in part 1 how vital the story is for setting up the scene. He described how the plot is built by the sequence of events. Everything in a story must be in chronological order. You must create suspense for the audience. In part two, he explained why we should ask questions. We need to keep the audience guessing about what will happen next, and you must manipulate him. You never divulge the answer right away; instead, you build the story before presenting the answer. Later, he discussed how crucial a story is to the plot. You should always set aside time to look for a good story. We must allocate equal time to obtaining and presenting a good story. We must push ourselves to do tasks more quickly and to attain better results, we need to set a deadline.

Similarly, Jad Abumrad stressed the importance of voice. He emphasized that simply describing things might conjure up an image in the minds of listeners without having to show them anything.