Too Sweet or Too Hot?

This 4 ⭐️ assignment is known as “The Ultimate Merger“. I was trying to figure out different logos that I could work with for this assignment, but I felt we’ve seen most of them before. Most of the logos I’m aware of are quite famous, and anything that related to merging 2 famous logos, is next to nothing. So, I’ve decided to go with 2 famous brands, but in totally different way.

I hope everyone is familiar with that emblem and that store. I’m simply putting it out there for those who are unaware of these issues. The name references to Cold Stone Creamery, an ice cream shop, while the logo refers to Buffalo Wild Wings. These two brands are diametrically opposed; one is associated with food that is consumed when it is hot and on occasions when you and your friends want to watch a baseball game together. The other, on the other hand, refers to something calm and cold. Ice cream is something you’d want to have while chatting with your loved ones.

Process for creating this design:

  • Download 2 logos you’d want to merge
  • Open Picsart on your device
  • Chose an image which you’d want to use as the background
  • After choosing the first image, click next and choose add photo option in the bottom of the app
  • Choose the 2nd image you want to merge
  • Edit the logos accordingly. (Feel free to use the brush, and the background remover app to make you logos look better!)
  • Save the image after you’re done editing.