The Life

The last design work I chose for this week is “Design The Cover Of Your Autobiography,” a two-star assignment. In my life, and I suppose in everyone’s life, there’s always something going on. Because I couldn’t fully explain how my life is through my cover, I chose an image that reflected my personality.

This photograph was taken while I was out on a walk in my neighborhood. This image is a representation of my life. The sky represents my life’s highs, while the court represents my life’s lows. My life exists somewhere between the sky and the dirt. There have been and continue to be some lows and highs in my life, and everything should be viewed with a positive attitude. I’ve made the decision to accept responsibility for whatever the future holds, and to face it head on. Ironically, the cracks in the court represent the fact that we will all face heartbreak at some point in our lives. I needed to travel beyond the lake near our community to photograph the fracture.


  • Choose and image that you think describes you
  • Open the image in pixel lab
  • Click the add text option
  • Choose the font you want for your text
  • Add your text
  • Save it!