Are We There Yet?

This is a 3 star ⭐️ assignment called “Are We There Yet?”. This assignment was really fun and interesting to do. I wasn’t sure of what I should be designing for this assignment, until I met my best friend. I was looking at my gallery to see if I could get inspired by something to design for this assignment, and I literally found nothing. I was meeting my best friend for the first time after summer, and we went to a restaurant to grab some food. That was when I took this photo and later designed it to show that he’s in the park with dinosaurs around him.

The process of designing:

  • Choose an image you’d like to edit
  • Choose a background where you want it to be at
  • Install/open Picsart in your device
  • Select the option + in the bottom middle
  • Choose the background image
  • Click on add photo
  • Choose the image you’d like to edit
  • Crop the unwanted background of the image you just chose
  • Choose the eraser option and erase all the unwanted background
  • Click on the ✅ on the top right of your device
  • Adjust the image to your background
  • Save it!

The story: Matt’s adventure

Matt is a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington. He wanted to take his girlfriend Reese to a park during the summer. They both desired to visit Dollywood, a theme park in Tennessee. They were approaching a roller coaster side when they heard some massive roars and screams from afar. When they turned around to see what was going on, all they saw were people fleeing. They couldn’t see anything clearly and decided to join the rest in running. As they were racing, they observed a dinosaur reflected in a local restaurant’s mirror. They began sprinting as quickly as they could, and they began to lose track of their location. They could only see trees and rides from 600 feet away. Matt and Reese took refuge in the bushes. Matt was terrified as he watched a herd of dinosaurs pass by. He was attempting to hide his face as a form of terror protection.