The first assignment I chose to do was Spooky Season. I’m always terrified of staying in a forest all by myself or just going out midnight. I just wanted to create a story of me living in the forest and being killed by someone.

Step 1: Download a spooky music that you’d like to add to your audio

Step 2: Download a door knocking sound

Step 3: Download someone saying hello & who’s there

Step 4: Download audio of someone opening and closing the door

Step 5: Download audio of a scary voice

Step 6: Look for audio of what you’d like to convey in the audio

Step 7: Import all of the audio’s into Audacity

Step 8: Move the audio’s according to when they should come into action

Step 9: Check the sound and how much it’s audible

Step 10: Save it as MP3!

Note: All of the sounds that you want to download can be available for free at FreeSound.